Old Tupton Ware

We are looking for agents in the following areas. Scotland – North East –North West- East Anglia – South East England and South West England.

Old Tupton Ware is a well established Tube Lined Pottery at a very affordable price, as well selling our Old Tupton Ware range and Redwood Nighlights. We have also been appointed UK distributors for the terrific range of Stoobz Figurines in Multi Colours.
You will be supported by our web sites and trade shows

Old Tupton Ware has a loyal customer base of which accounts would be handed over and expected to be serviced, the opportunity with Stoobz is huge as there is nothing like it in the UK.

Please apply by email giving the following information Area Covered by County
Existing Agencies
A mobile telephone number you can be contacted on. To tim@oldtuptonware.co.uk
Closing Date 05/07/2019 00:00:00 Contact tim@oldtuptonware.co.uk


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