Lagoon Joins forces with University Games

University Games and Asmodee Group have announced that University Games has purchased Lagoon from Asmodee. This acquisition is the 14th for University Games and its third in the UK.

Lagoon was founded in 1988 and has been a part of the UK book, game, gift and puzzle market since its very beginning. The Company has 175 different lines and specialises in supplying gift shops, book stores and garden centres. Prior to the acquisition, Lagoon Games was owned most recently by Asmodee. 

“I have admired Lagoon Games and its product line since first meeting Lagoon’s founder Simon Meluish in the 1990s on a trip to Chaing Mai, Thailand” claimed University Games President and Co-founder Bob Moog. He continued. “We plan to keep Lagoon Games true to its British roots while sharing these very special gifts, games, puzzles and books with people around this world”According to Steve Buckmaster, the Head of Distribution for Asmodee Group â€œWe are very pleased University Games and Lagoon are joining forces. The two organisations share the same passions, values and business intuition. We trust that they will further develop the Lagoon brand and strengthen their leading market positions in the UK and abroad.”

Richard Wells, Managing Director of University Games UK, commented, “The Lagoon product line perfectly compliments the University Games and Paul Lamond Games ranges and the synergy between the companies is close to perfect. Our sales force has known the Lagoon range for years and is really looking forward to introducing it to our broad base of retailers.” Everyone at University Games was thrilled at the addition of Lagoon Games. Mark Jones, Head Of Sales, observed, “Lagoon has been at the top of my wish list since I joined University Games. Their wonderfully packaged design led games and gifts are industry leaders and I am proud to now get to sell these superb lines.

University Games UK plans to commence shipping orders no later than 16th June for Lagoon from its fulfillment partner, Import Services. All current orders in house will be transferred to University Games.

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