Bloomingville 20 years old

Bloomingville announces that whilst celebrating their 20th year in business, sales have been really strong in the UK and in spite of COVID and the new lockdown they are still anticipating further growth.

Country Manager, Simon Pykett told us: “At a time when we could have been forgiven for anticipating a slow down in business, sales this year have been remarkable with each month since May setting new records. Bloomingville is a much sought after brand anyway and the Nordic look is very popular right now but in addition to this we didn’t have and still don’t have the stock issues which have dogged many of our competitors.

2020 saw all areas of the business grow in the UK and we expect the trend to continue in 2021. We acknowledge that the new lockdown brings new problems but we are here to help and will continue to deliver during lockdown to all customers who can accept stock. Shops are closed only to the consumers, not to our fabulous collection. Some customers have taken delivery to their house to ensure that when England reopens in December they have all they need to trade successfully.”

Simon can be contacted on:
0044 (0) 7967 209156

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