“PTMD’s 2021 Edition is designed for cocooning in style!

Featuring thousands of new designs, PTMD’s first 2021 edit entwines personality, luxury and comfort into homes. Create a cosy space with character; our 2021 collection features a vast array of interior pots, luxurious velvet cushions, regal home accessories, faux botanical and dramatic biophilic lighting. To view the SS21 catalogue, please contact sales@theorangery.org or visit https://b2b.ptmd.nl!”

PTMD New Products

“PTMD Christmas 2021: Presenting Alternative Christmas!”

Discover a Dutch designed Christmas with PTMD’s 2021 pre-booked Christmas catalogue. Featuring thousands of designs, PTMD present an alternative take upon the festive season: unique decorations, festive faux botanical and quirky seasonal interior decor! This edition has a pre-applied discount of 10-15% for booking your stock in advance. To view our Christmas collection, please contact sales@theorangery.org or visit https://b2b.ptmd.nl!”

Taiwan Giftionery

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