Enesco raise a glass

The contemporary gift retailer has added new glasses into its best-selling Ginology collection while redesigning packaging to be totally plastic free

Following the success of Enesco’s best-selling gin glass collection, the contemporary gift retailer is proud to present a new range of beautifully unique long stemmed Copa gin glasses into its Ginology Collection.

Just like picking a drink from a menu in a stylish bar, glasses within the Ginology Collection are bound to suit every taste, with customers able to choose from a cocktail of different choices that works with their personal style to enjoy at home.

The Daffodil gin glass is ideal for celebrating a new path. Signifying the beginning of springtime, Daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings, and so, they are the perfect gift to help someone special celebrate new achievements and goals.

As well as Daffodil, other new glasses into the collection include Daisy, Kingfisher and Sweat Pea, with each Copa gin glass measuring in at 20cm and retailing with a SRP of £9.95.

Taiwan Giftionery

Each glass is presented in a branded gift box which has recently been redesigned to be entirely plastic free and totally recyclable, so people can raise a glass of gin or two in style, while doing their bit to help the environment too.


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