To further support their plastic-free pledge, St. Eval have unveiled new packaging for their Scented Tealight Collection and Reed Diffuser Collections, now made from 100% recyclable kraft cardboard

You’ll find the same fantastic fragrances and signature St. Eval style, but now even better for the planet.

Nestled on a farm in the heart of North Cornwall, St. Eval are proud to use traditional, artisan methods to craft high quality candles by hand, perfecting the art and science of candle making for over 25 years. Home to a range of unique fragrances inspired by nature and the beautiful Cornish countryside surrounding them, each candle is lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients and materials from renewable sources with people and planet at the heart of the company. These traditional methods require great skill and craftsmanship to master, creating a true work of art.

St. Eval is home to a variety of fragrances and products to suit all tastes and décor; potted candles, scented tins and tealights, hand crafted dinner candles and pillar candles, nature-inspired hand care and an evocative reed diffuser collection, so you can enjoy your favourite St. Eval fragrance for longer.

New launches include:

Exclusively Show 2024

Cucumber & Black Pepper

You can now enjoy the fresh and cleansing scent of Cucumber & Black Pepper in St. Eval’s Reed Diffuser Collection.

Secret Garden Collection

Discover rustic, white pots to perfectly complement the home with a natural, uncluttered feel. Available in two sizes, each is filled with three inviting fragrances: herbal Bay & Rosemary, uplifting Grapefruit & Lime and crisp, clean Cucumber & Black Pepper.

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