We catch up with Richard Wood, director of Broughton & Beech Ltd, the exclusive distributors of this iconic Italian fragrance brand to discover more about the company’s stylish scented offerings for our cars

Q: Richard, how did your partnership with Mr&Mrs Fragrance come about? 

A: I have known the owners for over 15 years, as they were my distributor in Italy when I was Sales Director at Wax Lyrical. We started this partnership in the middle of the first lockdown last year and, from the beginning of this year, launched our trade offering at the start of lockdown 3.0. We have been delighted with the initial rate of sale and positive feedback and, despite a challenging climate, it has been incredibly positive.

Q: What is it about this design-led innovative brand that appeals to you?

Lesser & Pavey

A: The unique proposition and quality of fragrance is in our opinion unrivalled.  Years of development and experience working with perfume houses across Europe have helped to develop a truly stunning range. From the vibrancy of Mojito to the uplifting refreshing Portofino and the deeply intoxicating Black Orchid our consumers and customers have been so enthusiastic and positive and whilst our proposal is new to the UK the brand has been established over 10 years. Mr&Mrs Fragrance have evolved, improved and fine-tuned the product offering so that today’s range is in class of its own. Working with famed Italian designers, such as Luca Trazzi and Marcantonio, the range of over 80 different products really does offer something for everyone. 

Q: Niki is, arguably, the star of Mr&Mrs Fragrance’s car range. How does she work and what makes her so special?

A: Niki is a Giftable Car Fragrance and the unique design doubles the surface area for fragrance diffusion. The impregnated EVA design diffuses fragrances over weeks and months, not just days as you can experience with cheaper alternatives. A simple yet durable vent clip holds the character in place and with a replaceable fragrance pod, the consumer can keep their favourite design and interchange the fragrance or vice versa. With over 20 different designs, patterns, colours, finishes and textures and 16 exquisite fragrances there are over 300 combinations possible.

Forest range from Mr&Mrs Fragrance

Q: What’s the idea behind the Forest range?

A: Forests’ origins are thanks to the partnership with the designer Marcantonio.  His unique collections of interior design and home products evolved into this special collection woodland creatures. Each product can be used in the car or home and is ideal to fragrance that small space and add some personality. This range is becoming a great hit with the caravan and campervan world, as it allows flame and liquid-free safe fragrancing and I’m sure this will undoubtedly be one of the biggest staycation successes this year. The packaging is undergoing a revamp and will be even more eye-catching in a few weeks also.

Q: Any other products designed for the car environment?

A: Cesare is the original character within the range and is now available in updated packaging. An iconic fragrance buddy that clings to your car or desk, the range has been extended to 12 vibrant colours and fragrances. In addition, we have Gigi and Jeff which bring metallic finishes and vivid colours and fragrances such as Energy and Caribbean Sea.

Q: Typical customer?

A: The range as the name Mr&Mrs Fragrance suggests, appeals to both male and female consumers. A broad age range of appeal is also covered with such a wide range of products in particular a younger female audience, so makes the ideal gift for a new driver, friend, daughter or partner. The range also caters for the male market with a range of woody fragrances and designs and textures that make an ideal Father’s Day gift.

Q: How do you feel the products sit in the home fragrance/gift setting?

A: Mr&Mrs Fragrance give a breadth of offer, develop unique and fashion centric designs and bring newness and price points from £5 to £15. The UK market with over 31 million cars is a huge opportunity.

Q: What services can you offer new retailers?

A: We have a low carriage paid order value that allows the retailer to stock up little and often. A lightweight, maneuverable fixture with a 0.5m x 0.5m footprint has been developed.  It can grow from two to three to four sides all in the same floorspace and the POS is interchangeable throughout the year to support promotions and seasonal events. We also offer shelf merchandisers for all our products or we can customise a retailer’s space.

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