The Dutch lifestyle brand, an exclusive partner of The Orangery, creates beautiful home accessories for the independent retailer. From faux flowers to glassware, mirrors to Christmas décor, this interior design trailblazer offers thousands of products your customer will love

PTMD collection is an independent design house exclusively for the independents. With a boundless love for innovation and craftsmanship, this Dutch lifestyle brand travels all over the world to collaborate with exceptional artists to create their signature eclectic glamour aesthetic.

In 1992, interior designer, Jos van Opdorp, grew frustrated by the limited and unimaginative selection of interior pots available in the interior and gardening sector. Seeing an opportunity to appeal to current home styling trends, PTMD was born, and began by supplying a curated range of interior pots to florists, at the world famous Aalsmeer flower market. PTMD have since developed their selection into a best-selling home interiors collection and are proud to present an ever-evolving assortment of over eight thousand interior creations, including houseplant pots, faux-flowers, lighting, dried botanical, glassware, candles, mirrors, interior objet, furniture, Christmas and wall décor.

PTMD believe that imperfection is perfection and stand against the unobtainable aesthetic conception that beauty is defined by symmetry, scarcity and refinement. Their design aesthetic is created by embracing the philosophies of biophilic design. Biophilic design is founded upon mankind’s innate desire to surround oneself within elements of nature, which fuels positive wellbeing. PTMD’s home interior collection is designed for the creation of spaces that exude positivity and personality. Their eclectic home interiors collection is a canvas for balanced, complementary colour palettes and seductively tactile textures.

All pieces designed by PTMD are limited edition, meaning that once a design is sold out or reaches its production limit, the brand ventures to create something new and exciting. With over half their collection of thousands of designs metamorphosing biannually, PTMD are interior design trailblazers, and are certainly one to watch for those seeking the latest trends in home styling.

Delhi Fair 2024

Through their unique collaboration with talented global collective of artisan designers and skilled producers, PTMD’s pot collection embraces a vast array of traditional and innovative modern manufacturing methods to create expressive, original designs with soul. With a vast array of unique houseplant pot designs, their collection draws its aesthetic influence from organic forms, iconic Indonesian ceramics and edgy Dutch design. Their collection showcases a diverse spectrum of textured finishes, which are expressed across a wide range of sizes. Their Leone design is testament to their design philosophy. Available in four sizes, from 11cm diameter, the Leone features a textured bubble underglaze, which allows each pot in this collection to organically develop its own unique identity.

PTMD’s lighting design influences draw from botanical and organic origin. From hanging lamps capturing the effortless elegance of horticulture, to statement table lamps with rough and raw architecture and playful monstera leaf desk lamps. This season, their lighting collection debuts metal botanical light forms, such as their dramatic Bexley design, a statement Chinese palm leaf globe design, whose gilded appearance elegantly elevates the status of nature. For a more subdued, boho aesthetic which showcases natural materials, this season PTMD introduce their Kailey collection, a series of lighting crafted from carefully woven bamboo.

Showcasing the best of Dutch Design, PTMD work in partnership with award winning Dutch floral artists to develop their best-selling faux botanical catalogue. In a seasonally evolving collection of over 500 dried and faux designs, their floral artists utilise their wealth of horticultural expertise to develop a selection that reflects the true form of each plant to ensure maximally convincing pieces. Their botanical collection is designed to aid the creation of a no maintenance botanical displays for retail, hospitality and residential projects. From large potted bamboo trees which are constructed using natural branches, to delicate cherry blossom stems with interior wires, it’s you’d be forgiven for doubting the faux nature of these designs. In their SS21 season they introduce a series of dried pampas grasses that are dyed in their signature moody colour palette that can be used to achieve a balanced Japandi aesthetic by angularly positioning in a distressed ginger jar.

PTMD’s assortment of home accessories seeks to create positive interior spaces with designs inspired by the soothing colour hues and sculptural forms of nature. Their collection of interior creations celebrates powerful representations of precious flora and fauna. This season they debut the Luxe Safari trend introduces the luxurious divinity of the natural world into home interiors. Polished hand-painted animal print pots meet gilded polyresin predatory figures and vibrant print cushions, offset against opulent gold ceramic pots and grandiose accessories to create a chic home oasis.

From clean, utilitarian industrial pieces to cosy, glamorous designs, PTMD’s furniture catalogue presents a diverse collection of aesthetics. Their furniture design remixes minimal Scandi aesthetics and intermingles neutral staple pieces amongst designs with a modern, playful energy. Full of lively personality, their bestselling Janne chair is the epitome of their contemporary aesthetic. Cleverly contoured for comfort, this curvaceous piece is available in four jewel toned colour ways and is suitable for use in both domestic and hospitality environments.

PTMD’s eclectic Christmas catalogue features a diverse spectrum of aesthetics, ranging from sophisticated classical seasonal designs to unconventionally contemporary lifestyle pieces and playfully quirky decorative creations. This season features hand-blown jewel tones, oiled effect glass baubles, opulent globes dripping with petite silver beads and unconventional seasonal lanterns. With up to a 15% price incentive, they advise clients to reserve their stock for the Christmas season to avoid disappointment as this collection is exclusively limited edition and designs are reaching their production limit.

PTMD have a keen eye for the uniquely wonderful. PTMD’s vintage curators travel all around the world to discover one of a kind, vintage lifestyle pieces. With a prolific assortment of new discoveries appearing at their warehouse bi-monthly, they venture to surprise their clients with our curious finds. Their reclaimed, handpainted Indian wooden furniture pieces are ideal for curating a distinctive in-store collection or for specifying in interior design projects. Unique vintage pieces can be used to create alternative, quirky shop interiors; attach their vibrantly, distressed painted reclaimed doors to a wall to create a feature backdrop.

PTMD showcase their complete collection at their Style Centre. Located a short journey from Amsterdam, in quintessential Dutch flower town, Aalsmeer, the style centre displays exemplary Dutch styling and inspiring lifestyle spaces. You can view their complete collection with a member of The Orangery team and a Style Advisor in the Netherlands via a private live video tour. Please contact The Orangery to arrange a showroom tour.



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