Lene Bjerre is a Danish company with Scandinavian design items for the entire home. We catch up with new CEO, Per Nybo Nielsen, to learn why the Lene Bjerre style is perfect for the UK retailer

Q: What’s the story of Lene Bjerre?

A: The company was founded in 1975 by Danish designer Lene Bjerre, who founded the business on beautiful design, high quality and a love for nature. Incredibly successful in her own country, Lene started to introduce the brand outside Denmark. The company still is a family company, now owned by Suzanne Sand and Bjarne Poulsen together with Per Nybo Nielsen and a German partner. In the later years Lene Bjerre Design A/S has been taken even further into large export markets.

Q: How would you describe the Lene Bjerre look?

A: It’s a contemporary, Nordic and organic look that stays faithful to the original DNA of the company. Everything is designed in Nibe, Northern Denmark, with a great concern for the environment. The company thinks carefully about social responsibility and sustainability – the benefits they give their workers, how many trees they re-plant when using them for furniture, and much more.

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Q: How long has Lene Bjerre been in the UK market?

A: We’ve been here on a small scale for three or four years, with many customers staying with us all this time. Now we are ready to expand and are here with a new sales team, full of energy and ready to introduce you to the world of Lene Bjerre. We’re here to help, whether you’re an existing account holder or a retailer who’s new to the brand. We have plenty of stock available, and are actively are looking to extend our network of retailers across the UK right now.

Q: Per, what is it about Lene Bjerre designs that strikes such a chord with UK retailers?

A: I think it’s because Lene Bjerre offers classic classy design that is able to live on for a long time, and can always be mixed and matched with more contemporary items. The combination of a classic style with trend-based items creates a unique and personal interior setting.

Q: What can a new retailer expect from Lene Bjerre in terms of support?

A: We have a devoted team in the UK, consisting of Simon Pykett, Country Manager, and his team of agents. This gives us a local presence, where we can be in touch with customers on a daily basis.

Q: How has the company dealt with Brexit – and how are you helping retailers navigate the new rules?

A: We spent last part of 2020 preparing ourselves and are managing Brexit well.  We have our system set up so we can help with everything from our side. In this way, it’s easy to trade with Lene Bjerre for our UK customers.

Q: What are the key looks and key ranges you have available right now for Lene Bjerre customers?

A: Lene Bjerre has its SS2021 ranges available divided into Heritage, Living, Tabletop and Outdoor. Right now we feel a strong demand for our Stoneware called Amara, same for most of our flowerpots, the Portia Bath series as well as Outdoor products such as our organic garden furniture, Mandisa and Norah. We have also started selling our beautiful Christmas 2021 collection, which has had a fantastic receipt on all markets.  

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Country manager Simon Pykett employs a full sales team covering all areas

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