Wax Lyrical Colony range

The home fragrance experts have introduced an exciting range of fragranced hand care products into their iconic Colony and Made In England collections

Commercial Director Warren Gell said: ‘Our products and fragrances have been inspired by our surroundings since the beginning, from the ingredients we choose to the patience and craftsmanship that goes into every fragrance we create. It only natural that our products now evolve beyond the home, to care for and enhance our every touch.

‘We are proud to bring our expertise in fragrances to hand care, creating layers of scent that keep rewarding our customers throughout the day. From gentle hand washes to enriching moisturisers, lotions, and the soft yet reliable protection of our rinse-free cleansers – we touch every segment of the market and extend a hand to new consumers as the year unfolds. Our in-house team have crafted a unique blend of liquid hand washes to ensure hands are washed, cared for and moisturised, ready to reach for what life has in store.’

The Hand Lotion will renew, revive and protect, designed to restore the hands’ natural balance and provide both thesoftness needed and a range of layered fragrances which keep the hands gently scented throughout the day. Rather than harsh medical hand cleansers that can leave our hands feeling rough and uncared for the Wax Lyrical fragranced rinse free cleanser gives hands the protection and gentle care they deserve.

The fragrance experts have mastered the art of bringing fragrances to new formats so we can enjoy every moment of touch throughout the day. With a unique blend of jojoba oil, Colony washes and lotions have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties. With the added care of Vitamin E, Colony delivers classic fragrances in a light foaming formula and an enticing new format.

Exclusively Show 2024

Gell adds: ‘It’s the quality of care you’ve come to expect from Wax Lyrical, making you ready to reach for every moment of the day. The perfect protection and moisturiser for everyday life Wax Lyrical will care for your hands with fragrances you love and a fragrant finish which lasts.’


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