There’s a raft of new products to discover

Glassware ready to please

Lesser & Pavey launch new additions to the highly successful range of stylish hand painted glassware featuring dragonflies, flowers, bumblebees, ladybirds and much more of nature. These are the newest additions to the Lynsey Johnstone range which continues to grow.

Velveteen Animal Figures

Sculptured with a grey velour affect, these animal studies include elephant, cats, and dogs of various breeds.

Delhi Fair 2024

Aroma Lamps continue to flourish

More than a lamp, these aroma lamps from Lesser & Pavey bring fragrance and light into any living space in the home and this new range brings delightful floral shapes. The Desire range is all about wellbeing with these while and multi-coloured lamps that are touch sensitive, projecting light that can be used with wax melts and aroma oils.

William Morris design Golden Lily and Poppyfield

This is a new addition to the highly popular William Morris range of fine ceramics produced by Lesser & Pavey. The full range that captures the original designs, class and quality of the artwork and presents these desirable illustrations in practical forms for the home. This range with bold floral dominates the mix of colours that form the original William Morris design now captured on tableware; includes tea for one, butter dish, fine mugs, fine ceramics, melamine trays, lunch box and true environmentally friendly bamboo items and social stationery items.

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