The Wheat Bag Company is an established company manufacturing Microwavable Wheat Bags and other unique items in the UK. Find them in DP3-1

The Wheat Bags come in a variety of designs to suit all tastes, including their own bespoke range of fabrics that include rainbows, highland cattle, donkeys, swimming penguins and bumblebees.

Each Wheat Bag is filled with cleaned English wheat and optional lavender buds. Lavender does not only smell delightful but is well known for its natural aromatherapy qualities of helping to aid sleep and relaxation.

They are an all over body pillow that simply heats up in the microwave to provide soothing warmth, relaxation and creates an overall sense of wellbeing. Paired with the company’s new essential lavender oil, they make a wonderful personal gift.

Lesser & Pavey

The Wheat Bag Company’s product range also includes their handcrafted PADi Pillows, made from 100% cotton with a polystyrene bead inner. A stable, lightweight, hands-free tablet stand. Perfect for holding and supporting any mobile device. Suitable for iPads, Kindles, phones and all other portable devices including books.

The company are always coming up with new ideas and expanding their product collection, including:


Hot Water Bottles

Joining the collection are the handmade hot water bottles, available in a range of popular fabric designs and come with a traditional hot water bottle or a wheat filled inner. There’s a 2-Litre Hot Water Bottle and Extra Long Hot Water Bottle.

Fabric Designs

Introducing Dachshund and Pug prints!

Luxury Velvet Range

Available in soft luxurious velvet fabrics. The range includes wheat bags, PADi Pillows, Door Stops and Glasses Cases.

Door Stops

Each doorstop is individually hand made from cotton fabric, weighted with cleaned English wheat grains and topped with padding to maintain their shape. Perfect for any home interior, these functional and beautiful fabric doorstops are perfect for keeping heavy doors in place.

They are available in a wide range of designs to suit all homes and tastes.

Call: 01747 840499


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