Whether you’ll be decorating with it, or kissing underneath it, Alexander Thurlow will help you carry the magic of Christmas wherever you go. Find out more at Home & Gift, DP1-A49

To honour this, their seasonal pieces make for desirable presents. Be it given as a gift or worn in festive spirit, the wonderful holly, mistletoe and poinsettia lines make for a focal point of festivity that can’t go amiss on a Christmas outfit. If these items weren’t enough, delve deeper into the gift range that has captured hearts throughout an unpredictable year.

With flowers that each hold a unique meaning and significance, the thoughtfulness of an accessory has never been greater. Alexander Thurlow have proven the popularity of their ‘Love Nature, Love Flowers’ range, even expanding their collection into a flourishing garden of bouquets and colour. With each one hand designed with nature in mind, these truly are gifts that need to be appreciated.

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Visit: alexanderthurlow.com 

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