VENT for Change, the sustainable stationery company that supports children’s education projects worldwide has gone one step further with donations of pencils and notebooks to Cycle of Good for their Krizevac Project in Malawi. 

Following a chance meeting at Top Drawer 2020 where both companies were exhibiting their recycled, reclaimed and sustainable product ranges it was clear the two organisations shared many ethical and social philosophies. 

“Cycle of Good were clearly doing amazing work in Malawi with their education projects and we had materials and supplies they could utilise in a positive and practical way.” Commented Evan Lewis Founder of VENT for Change

In February 2020, just before the pandemic hit, VENT donated 10,000 of their recycled pencils to Cycle of Good for their Krizevac Project building and running schools and educating children across Malawi. 

In July 2021 once the worst of the pandemic was over and transport and logistics were running more freely VENT sent a new consignment, this time many hundreds of notebooks to be used by children in Cycle of Good school projects. 


“Donations in kind of education materials such as the pencils and notebooks gifted by VENT for Change mean we can spend our money elsewhere; on teachers, schools and other essentials to help provide children with the education they deserve.” Commented Zoe Kasiya, Cycle of Good UK Manager. 

VENT for Change and Cycle of Good both offer ranges of sustainable, recycled or repurposed products that are perfect for the conscientious consumer. With truly inspiring back stories both organisations understand the importance of sustained and quality education and the changes that can bring to the lives of millions of children, their families and communities for generations to come. 

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