With over 30 years of experience creating and producing luxurious home fragrance products in house, The Copenhagen Candle Company are excited to share their three new collections with you at Spring Fair.

Scandi Christmas

Delhi Fair 2024

Transport yourself to a festive wonderland by bringing Magic & Cheer into your home. The Scandi inspired collection ranges from candles, diffusers to giftsets.


Their aromatherapy collection radiates from within. They have curated three gorgeous fragrances to promote feelings of happiness, stillness and calmness.

Precious Metals

Precious and intoxicating, rich and indulgent, enticing and stimulating all with a touch of glamour and inspired by fine fragrances, bring that touch of luxury to your home.

Tel: 01892 457 131 | Visit: www.copenhagencandles.co.uk


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