ExaClair, the UK distributor for Décopatch, has added two new limited-edition packs to its already extensive range of foil papers.

Décopatch announces additions to its Foil Papers range

These new packs contain four exclusive designs of papers (each sheet measures 30×40 cm). The Garden of Paradise contains fresh pastel floral designs, and the Gourmet Boudoir features bright summery confectionery patterns.  The textured papers feature foil highlights which accentuate the designs and give lustre to the decorated items.

Décopatch paper perfectly moulds to the shape of the object (smooth or textured) and can be used on materials including papier mâché, wood, plastic, iron, glass, polystyrene, metal, terracotta, ceramic, and cork.

ExaClair marketing manager Lawrence Savage says these new paper packs give additional choice when selecting papers for a project. He explained: “The co-ordinating sheets are perfect to create harmonious decorations for the home or office, or to upcycle old fashioned, damaged, or faded items to bring them back to life.

“Décopatch is a simple creative activity for children and parents. It offers an imaginative and enjoyable way for the family to spend time together and create unique items for the home. In addition to a number of in-store merchandising options, such as our popular Bunny FSDU, we can also provide retailers with a variety of online marketing collateral to support sales, as well as offering demonstration solutions for events and open days.”

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For further details, call 01553 696600 or email sales@exaclair.co.uk.www.exaclairlimited.com

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