Paperworld India is gearing up to bring the stationery industry together through its launch edition in May.

Slated to be held from May 12 to May 14 at Jio World Convention Centre (JWCC), Paperworld India will open doors for the first time alongside the Corporate Gifts Show and Interior Lifestyle India presented by Ambiente India. Reynolds has signed up as associate sponsor of this key business event for the Indian market, which will encompass emerging trends and innovative displays in the world of stationery.

Other companies who have confirmed participation at Paperworld India 2022 include Alpha International (Staedtler), Anupam Stationery, Creative Hands (Brustro), FCE Lifestyles Pvt Ltd (Lamy), Global Writings (Supra), Imperial Pen Industries (Legend Pens), Kanin India Limited – Kangaro, KD Enterprises (Da Vinci Art Brush & Daniel Smith), Linc Pen & Plastics Pvt Ltd (Linc Pens), Luxor (Luxor, Parker), Mehta Prints Art Pvt Ltd, MPI Papers Private Limited, Ski Plastoware (Disney) and William Penn (Pennline). Alongside Reynolds, Newell Group will be showcasing products of their marque brands: Dymo, Sharpie and Papermate.

Enhancing the learning experience for pupils and students alike in the post-pandemic era, Paperworld India 2022 will strongly focus on ‘back-to-school’ items.

Sneak peek

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Along with conventional school and office stationery, Paperworld India 2022 will display a series of sustainable, innovative and unique products during its three-day exhibition.

Green stationery taken to the next level
Sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity in today’s world. In the stationery industry, recycling and repurposing of paper products are common practices but there is one Indian brand that has taken it to the next level. Participating at Paperworld India 2022, Jalebi is renowned for producing ‘Make in India’ plantable products, including notebooks, cards, pencils, eye masks and even eco-friendly fatakas (Diwali bombs) that can germinate and sprout into plants after use. The brand also promotes personalised gift boxes including a diary, notebook, pen-pencil holder and pencils. The entire kit including the box itself is plantable, thereby serving as a perfect eco-friendly solution.

Turning waste plastic into stationery products
As an inspiration in sustainable stationery production, Pinnacle Enterprises segregates and recycles discarded materials such as waste plastic and burnt paper into a wide range of products like Bahi notebooks, fabric notebooks, handmade files and folders, leather notebooks, handmade penholders, handmade paper bags and handmade diaries. As an exhibitor at Paperworld India 2022, the company will display a plethora of the latest recycled handicrafts on the show floor.

Cap-less fountain pen technology

FCE Lifestyles LAMY will curate an exhaustive range of smart writing instruments from LAMY Safari, including LAMY dialog cc which is an ergonomically designed cap-less fountain pen. This innovative fountain pen has a shortened upper part with a refined closing plaque and roller brake instead of a clip.

India’s first-ever manufacturer of up down boards in three varied mechanisms

ALKOSIGN is the first company in India to introduce innovative up down board in three different types – manual, motorised dependent and motorised independent – which are being utilised by top universities like IIM, IIT, IISER, ISB as well as several elite international schools.

Time-honoured and naturally extracted painting colours

Set to be exhibited by KD Enterprises, DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek are artist-quality watercolour paints made from ground-up natural mineral pigments found and sorted by a mineralogist, these minerals date back to prehistoric and renaissance times.

Eco-friendly acrylic paints in the shape of a marker

Another innovative product to be showcased by KD Enterprises, PIGMENT DecoBrush markers are acrylic paints in a convenient form of a marker with a flexible, nylon brush-shaped tip. Produced with eco-friendly ‘liquid ink’ technology, these markers can be applied on surfaces like paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, and textiles, among others.

Premium quality painting brushes for watercolour and acrylics

The da Vinci Casaneo paintbrushes are rich and long-lasting in quality. A perfect dousing tool with a high colour-absorbing capacity with a squirrel hair replicating brush texture, this is an ideal instrument for watercolour and fluid acrylic painting.

Eco-friendly watercolour papers

Indian art materials importer Creativehands will showcase eco-friendly and cotton-based watercolour papers for artistic application. These papers are FSC certified, acid-free, and vegan friendly.

Hand sanitisers that enrich skin

An exclusive blend of antimicrobial and skin-soothing ingredients with calming Aloe Vera and refreshing basil, LINC’s new hand sanitiser can be a handy accompaniment to your stationery kit. It confers total germ protection while being extremely gentle on hands. A triclosan-free formula with neem and tea tee oil, this herb-enriched hand cleanser thoroughly wipes away disease-causing microbes, while glycerine and other skin-softening actives keep hands smooth and well moisturised.

Personalised writing instruments for gifting

William Penn produces a portfolio of unique personalised gifts and hampers specially curated for occasions like birthdays, festivals, and other celebrations. Their products including pens, diaries, lighters, journals, and wallets, can be easily customised for gifting online. One of the largest manufacturers of writing instruments, Luxor will also display an array of premium pens that can be personalised for gifting.

Opening in May with these diverse, innovative and unique product showcases, Paperworld India 2022 will bring strong trade opportunities to businesses converging on its show floor from across the country.

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