ExaClair Limited, the UK supplier of Jacques Herbin fine inks, has launched a new addition to its scented range.

ExaClair Jacques Herbin Scented Inks

‘Verte parfum citron’ is a green ink delicately scented with a fresh and natural lemon essence, giving fragrance to the written word. There are five other scented colours in the range: blue with a lavender scent, brown with a cocoa scent, red with a rose scent, amber with an orange scent, and purple with a violet scent. These are all available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles.

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For more than 350 years, Jacques Herbin has manufactured a vast array of inks and sealing waxes in the heart of Paris, earning a worldwide reputation for its exceptional quality. Today, the company offers a vast range of writing inks in 35 shades, and both contemporary and traditional writing instruments, which are a joy to ink connoisseurs.

ExaClair marketing manager Lawrence Savage said: “We are delighted to introduce this fresh lemon scented ink to the range. Scented inks give an extra dimension to the pleasures of using a fountain pen and bottled ink to write – not only for the writer, but for recipients too. Furthermore, Jacques Herbin scented inks contain no pigments and are naturally scented using floral water (hydrosols), making them an eco-friendly choice.”

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Visit: www.exaclairlimited.com

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