Bira launches new product buying platform

Bira Direct Plus

The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) has launched its latest initiative: a product buying platform for retailers called Bira Direct Plus.

Available for download on phones, tablets and browsers,  Bira Direct Plus has been designed to make ordering more flexible as it offers full visibility of live pricing and stock levels through the app and allows retailers to place orders straight from their devices.
This new ordering platform has been designed to solve some of the biggest ordering issues faced by independent retailers; saving valuable time by making ordering simple, keeping prices and stock levels transparent, and making it easy to keep track of orders with shopping lists.
Jeff Moody, managing director of Bira Direct, said: “We’ve listened to what our members have been asking for, and we’ve delivered. Now retailers can buy from Bira Direct suppliers online and only need one app to take care of all of their product buying.”
An early adopter of the app John Jones, managing partner of Philip Morris and Son, said: “Bira Direct Plus is an excellent idea. Having near-live data on stock availability from suppliers makes a massive difference to our efficiency.”
Currently, retailers can order from Toolstream, Dexam, Bulk Hardware, HG Hagesan, LG Harris and Big K Products, with new suppliers being made available every week. As well as the preferential terms, 30 days end of month credit and exclusive offers, Bira can offer retailers an extra 0.5% rebate on all orders placed through the app until the end of 2022.
The app is open to all independent retailers. For Bira members, the platform is available on the app store or google play at no extra cost and for non-members at the cost of £12.50 per month. To apply for a login click here.

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