Must see at Harrogate CorinCraft

The Emotif range of fine fragrance products for the home are the natural, organic and eco-friendly option

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Aromatherapy Stones
Sustainable and vegan-friendly, CorinCraft’s Aromatherapy Stones are 100% natural Italian volcanic rock infused in organic essential oils. Each blend has been specifically created to help reduce stress and enhance personal wellbeing. Simply remove the lid and allow the power of aromatherapy to work its magic! Choose from Lavender & Chamomile Sleep Stones, Snore Stones, Spa Stones, Stress Stones, Happy Stones, Smart Stones and Sensual Stones.

Must see at Harrogate CorinCraft

Natural Home Fragrance
This stylish and sophisticated collection embellishes everything that is pure and natural in the production of home fragrance. Complemented by equally sustainable packaging, and simplicity in design, the Emotif range is a proven success with discerning individuals seeking modern natural alternatives to home fragrance that are not only contemporary but effective.
Room Diffusers, Aromids, Pebble Jars, and Tea Light Holders fragrance your surroundings with the bespoke collection. The Room Diffusers employ a natural capillary action to draw your chosen home fragrance from the decorative glass into the complex molecular structure of the heart or flower. These offer an ornately distinctive, natural, and effective alternative to plug-ins and aerosols.
Mini heart and intricate flower-shaped Fragrant Fresheners are great in the car, cupboards, handbags, or drawers. Create your own display – the possibilities are endless! Available in 10 individual fragrances, the Fragrant Fresheners will last up to six months and can be refreshed with CorinCraft’s concentrated oil.

Must see at Harrogate CorinCraft

Stinky Feet
These four stylish handmade trainers can be placed anywhere to neutralise bad odours, and will revitalise footwear overnight. Sweet, stylish, and funny yet practical, they are the answer to whiffy trainers, smelly sock drawers, and gruesome gym bags. Stinky Feet are available in Fresh Linen, Lemon Grass, Aphrodite, and Peppermint.

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Concentrated Refresher Oils
All CorinCraft’s products can be rejuvenated with its 100ml bottles of Concentrated Refresher Oil, which is available in more than 19 fragrances. And when CorinCraft says ‘concentrated’, they certainly are – just a small amount will revitalise the fragrance for a further few months. All products are natural, sustainable, vegan friendly and made by hand in the Sussex countryside.

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