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Woodbridge Tumblers
The Woodbridge home fragrance collection is expanding for Aromatize, with the introduction of brand-new tumbler candle jars. Every element of these jars has been thoughtfully created with luxury design in mind, from the logo embossed golden lid to the colour co-ordinated wax and wrap-around labelling.
The candles have an 8% fragrance load and are produced with three wicks. Multiple wicks lead to a better fragrance throw, even a wax pool, and a cosier ambience: ideal for autumn and winter evenings!
The 16-candle range includes both everyday and Christmas fragrances. Plus, there is an opening order discount of 10% available. Please quote TUMBLER10 when placing your order.

Autumn Fair Aromatize

Woodbridge Candle Jars
Aromatize says: ‘Woodbridge Candle Jars continue to be the most competitive candle available on the market. They all have an 8% fragrance load and dual wicks to offer a clean, even burn and wax pool which delivers a fantastic fragrance throw.’ Produced using 100% food grade paraffin wax and fragrances from leading European perfume houses, there are more than 40 fragrances available in the collection, and each fragrance is also available as a wax melt pack.

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