Hall 19/20 Stand 20G02-19A11

Delhi Fair 2024

Graceful Gems & Distinct Jewels

Distinct Jewels is a muted theme which you can recognize by its delicate details and soft tones.
The theme has natural and organic shapes & curves. Using light wood and materials like stone, marble, teddy, bouclé, and ceramic.

Less is more!

Distinct Jewels has rich & deep colours like burned orange, ochre yellow and deep green. In this theme you’ll find geometric shapes, warm fabrics and colour accents to reflect your identity. Mix them with matte black, gold, and dark wood for a chic feeling.

Karlsson Watches

Timeless dials are now available on watches!
With this collection they are introducing their brand new Karlsson watch collection. The watch designs are clean and stylish, as you can expect from Karlsson Watches.

There’s a little something for everyone in this collection: a black or white watch, or a colourful one.

Each watch comes with 2 wristbands, giving the watch extra durability.

And don’t forget about their jewellery rack, which is perfect for displaying the watches in store.


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