Autumn Fair, which returns to the NEC in Birmingham from September 3 to September 6, has collaborated with trend agency partner TrendBible to offer retailers and buyers insightful trend overviews on The Future of Celebration 2024 which focuses on joy, hope and authenticity, and The Festive Forecast 2023 which centres on reflection and a more pared back, natural approach.

Kate Usher, senior trend consultant at TrendBible, said: “Against a backdrop of global unrest and financial crisis, celebration offers the respite so desperately needed. An escapist desire dominates but is coupled with a search for authenticity. This drives a fresh and honest take on who we are, what we want to celebrate and how. The Future of Celebration 2024 unlocks the key trends impacting consumers and the opportunities which will elevate your celebration, occasion, and gift ranges to new levels.”

The report, which was presented live on the Inspiring Retail Stage at Spring Fair, is now available to view at and highlights two key trends: The Good Life and Repose.

The Future of Celebration 2024 – The Good Life
Focusing on who and what makes you feel good is the key message in this story, inspiring low-key, low-pressured celebrations for 2024. Following a period of rigorous constraints and limitations, a new generation of financially savvy, digital nomads are rejecting traditional pathways in search of new, more meaningful experiences. This quest for ‘the good life’ sees families adopt an anti-hustle mindset, allowing them to withdraw from elusive standards of success and focus instead on building a life that truly brings them joy.

The Good Life puts authentic celebrations with people and community at its heart: time well spent on simple joys. Gatherings for birthdays and personal milestones are filled with personality. The sustainability of gifts and greeting cards remain at the forefront, but takes on a more colourful and hopeful aesthetic.


Primary brights balanced with fresh turquoise and cool sugar pinks evoke moments of bustling chaos alongside happy pockets of doing nothing. A rich and warm, orange-toned red sits at the heart of the palette and can be used in plentiful amounts.

In gifts, the creative revolution continues as people embrace making and doing – simply because it brings them joy, even if the results aren’t perfect. Craft kits elevate handmade gifts and encourage the recipients to stop and enjoy time with their family. Giftwrap becomes an expression of personality by combining colourful eco papers with stickers and stamps for truly one-of-a-kind designs. Greetings and stationery designs are bold, bright and expressive with hand-drawn, hand-painted stripes and checks.

Festive Forecast 2023 – Repose
Kate said: “Following the collective grief that has united the world, 2023 is a time to reflect, heal and reconnect.”
Pared back decorations of simple ceramics hang on rustic tree branches, while ornamental chords and leafy vegetables signify a changing of the seasons. Natural and almost ugly forms in chunky proportions contrast with fragile forms of dried florals.
A narrative of deep connection and intimacy is expressed through gift and greetings. Blind letter press cards reveal simple messages charged with emotion, and hand-painted brush strokes adorn baubles and giftwrap in rich earthy tones.
Warmth and tactility come from layering of textures rather than excess pattern. Intimate dinners are set with place cards of handmade paper, resting on crumpled linens and stoneware dishes for a rustic yet personal feel.
Warm neutrals and rich yet dusty tones reflect the calming pace of this intimate soiree. Tonal pairings of Ash Rose, Ethera and Perfectly Pale create a subtle and sophisticated palette, while Rhododendron and Duck Green provide a traditional festive combination.
A bright and lively story might contain a pop of cherry red, combined with bright sugar pink and a mint green, while more subdued and pared back palettes will include greyed off greens and earthy neutral shades as the backdrop for a rich deep feel to enhance the cosy but calm winter mood.

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