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Based in the UK, The Wheat Bag Company specialises in handmade microwavable Wheat Bags, wellbeing and home style products.

Its Wheat Bags are filled with 100% cleaned English wheat, and you can choose to add lavender buds to enhance relaxation. The Lavender Wheat Bags are heavenly scented and perfect for soothing aching muscles and neck pain, when heated in the microwave.

Wheat Bags At Home & Gift

Other items include door stops, draught excluders, hot water bottles, and lavender sachets. These come in various designs and fabrics, from Bumblebees to Garden Ferns, and 100% cotton to luxury velvet. Just released is a new range of luxury tapestry doorstops and draught excluders in contemporary designs, including Llamas, Elephants and Dragonflies.

The Wheat Bag Company prides itself on its exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality British wheat, and quality fabrics.


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