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Something Different has offered a dropship service since 2019, with the commitment of helping retailers grow their business, hassle-free. The company has now unveiled its new dropship website – Something Different Connect – which is a simple way for retailers to dropship more than 2,000 exclusively designed products. 

The team says it has ‘reimagined dropship to develop a supplier portal and dropship tool in one, which will allow retailers to save time by connecting their sales channel and automating product listings, stock, prices and orders’. 

The Something Different Connect website offers integrations with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, EKM and WooCommerce, and the option to process orders manually. 

Dropship provides opportunities for both existing retailers and new entrepreneurs by removing the need for resources such as warehouse space, courier agreements, and the capital for investment in stock and packaging up-front. Without the requirement for physical space for stock, it also means that retailers can set up a business with just a laptop – giving them freedom to work wherever and whenever they want. 

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So, how does it work? The dropship model enables retailers to list their products on their website or social media channel at RRP. Once they make a sale of the product, the retailer places the order using an automated integration or manually via the Something Different Connect website and pays the wholesale price for the item. Something Different picks, packs and dispatches the order directly to the customer. 

By registering an account with Something Different Connect, retailers can generate a healthy margin on products they sell, while saving time on operations and order fulfilment. The retailer can focus on ideas and plans for growing their business, while Something Different completes the time-consuming tasks.

Something Different offers a 48 hour fully tracked delivery service to the UK. If you’re interested in trying the Something Different Connect platform, visit for more information and to register a free account.

Call: 01792 940288



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