Best Kept Secrets Autumn Fair 2023

Stand: 6 M26-20 A27

Best Kept Secrets is a British, family-owned, home fragrance company now in its 27th year. Its products embody joy and are loved nationwide for their stunning fragrances, colourful wax, and trademark sparkle.

At Autumn Fair, the brand will showcase an updated range within its best-selling Just Because collection, and its new Spirit of Christmas range, alongside its other sustainable and sparkly home fragrance collections.

The Spirit of Christmas range features its signature scented candles, each whimsically designed with different woodland animals. There is so much festive fun embodied in this collection. Best Kept Secrets’ mission has always been to make people smile with their products, and this collection is all about the joy of Christmas.

Best Kept Secrets Autumn Fair 2023

There are 12 in the range, each using the brand’s best-selling fragrances and signature sparkle. The candles are all hand-poured and created to be as sustainable as possible – even the sparkles are biodegradable! So, you can gift the Spirit of Christmas knowing that it will bring joy to the receiver while being kind to the planet too.

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Best Kept Secrets will also unveil its newly updated and expanded Just Because Collection of scented candles, gorgeous gift boxes, and tea lights. All feature its signature colourful and sparkly home fragrances and come in a vessel containing meaningful or fun messages for every occasion. The collection reflects the brand’s commitment to provide price-sensitive retail and consumer choice.

Understanding that consumers are looking to find new ways to celebrate and mark special moments in a meaningful and affordable way, the Just Because Collection of candles, diffusers, Three Lites, and soaps has been inspired to meet consumer demand. The Three Lites are particularly popular, as they feature three of its best-selling scents in colourful, recyclable vessels.

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