In 1830 Price’s discovered making candles from coconuts. The company was first called Edward Price’s and Co. and bought 1,000 acres of coconut plantation in Sri Lanka. So that’s where it all began!

Fast forward coming up to 200 years, and you arrive at its Fragrance Collection. This range of more than 30 fragranced candles and reed diffusers will be sure to brighten up any home, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
Candles and reed diffusers containing essential oils are becoming increasingly popular. Price’s has lots of products in its range that contain essential oils, and has highlighted these in its new catalogue for customers to choose from.

The supplier has also made the selection easier by categorising all of its products into fragrance families such as Fruity, Citrus, Woody, Floral, Fresh and Gourmand. Here are a few more key facts about Price’s Candles Fragrance Collection:

  • Fragranced Throughout Candle Jars – The fragrance is blended evenly through the wax, creating an even and continuous fragrance throw.
  • Clean Burn – The company has a 24-hour laboratory with technicians working tirelessly to produce formulas that give minimal amounts of sooting.
  • Food-Safe Glass Jars – All candle glass jars are certified for food contact. So, when used up, they can be reused to store your favourite treats.
  • Vegan-Friendly – The candles are made with 100% fully refined paraffin wax, so are absolutely vegan-friendly.

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