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With a history spanning over five decades in the home, gift and fragrance industry, Candlelight has worked with a vast network of retailers – both in the UK and worldwide – over the years, earning a reputation for excellence and innovation by consistently adapting to changing market trends.

Founder Mark Winch says: “Throughout our journey, we have always prioritised customer satisfaction and staying ahead of the curve. Now, as we embrace a new era with the next generation of this family business, we are excited to witness the fresh perspectives and ideas that will further drive our growth.”

The company is now preparing to showcase an expanding range at Autumn Fair. Attendees can visit Hall 7 Stand F31 to explore the newest collections, from opulent home fragrances to rustic textiles and contemporary kitchen and tableware.

Candlelight at Autumn Fair 2023

In the fast-paced world of retail, adapting to customer requirements and feedback is key to staying relevant and thriving. As Candlelight ventures into the A/W season, “we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a captivating range of textiles that not only enhance our collection but also tell a story of warmth and style. Alongside this, we’ve innovated with our home fragrance FSDUs, designed to streamline the shopping experience while maximising space in stores,” comments marketing manager Kate Winch.

Taiwan Giftionery

A textile adventure
Colours can speak volumes, setting the tone for a collection that resonates with customers on a deep level. This season, Candlelight has curated a palette inspired by nature’s beauty, featuring captivating terracotta, serene green, calming blue, and soothing creams. These hues intertwine seamlessly across a range of textiles, embracing a natural aesthetic that brings harmony to any space.

Candlelight at Autumn Fair 2023

Home fragrance FSDUs
Candlelight’s innovative home fragrance FSDUs are now available not only for multiple retailers, but for independents as well. Designed for easy installation and space optimisation, the displays are complete, allowing customers to explore the fragrance range without the need for additional shelving. Their compact design fits seamlessly alongside existing store setups, making the most of available space.

Mango wood kitchen and tableware
In a world increasingly attuned to environmental concerns, the choices we make in our daily lives take on a greater significance. As we seek harmony between nature and functionality, sustainable materials have taken centre stage. Enter mango wood: a versatile and eco-friendly option that has found its place in the heart of our kitchens and dining spaces. Candlelight is offering mango wood kitchen and tableware in a range of in-house designed collections, embracing orange blossom, pomegranate and Mediterranean lemons, all available in stock on the stand.

Kate concludes: “We look forward to meeting both our loyal customers and new faces at the Fair. It’s an excellent chance for us to showcase our commitment to quality and innovation, and to connect with the people who have supported us throughout the years.”

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