TK Maxx releases new research into gift-giving

TK Maxx releases new research into gift-giving

New research by TK Maxx has examined the emotional impact that gift-giving has on special occasions.

In a survey of 2,000 individuals across the UK (aged 16 and above), the retailer asked respondents how they feel about giving and receiving gifts on landmark occasions – and looked at how the cost-of-living crunch has impacted their purchasing decisions.

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Almost half (46%) of respondents said they associate a special event in their life with a specific item they received.

Throughout the UK gifting is valued, with respondents in Northern Ireland (62%), Greater London (56%) and Scotland (50%) having the largest association between special events and specific presents.

Those aged 25 to 34 had the highest association with gifts and special events, at 65%. This was closely followed by those aged 16 to 24, as 59% had an association with an event and a specific gift they received.

As a nation that loves gifting, the survey also highlighted the occasions that Brits value the most. When asked to select the most important events for gift giving, respondents chose birthdays (67%), Christmas (61%), and weddings (32%).

With many individuals feeling the burden of rising costs, 57% of people said financial pressures have forced them to think more carefully about their gift buying decisions – and only 6% said they had given the financial landscape no consideration at all.

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