Discover the Essence of Asian Original Design Gifts: Unveiling DG Taiwan 2024!

DG Taiwan

Prepare for an extraordinary showcase of Asian original design gifts at DG Taiwan 2024! The epitome of creativity and innovation will be unveiled from April 18 to 21, 2024, under the theme, “Be yourself, Be stylish!”

DG Taiwan 2024 represents a transformed iteration of the Taipei Giftionery Show, featuring four distinct exhibit areas – “Design and IP,” “Creative Gift & Stationery,” “Home Decor,” and “Green Packaging.” Witness the convergence of “Design & Novelty,” “Customization,” and “Eco-friendliness” as the exhibition unveils the essence of Asian and Taiwanese-style design gifts.

What to Expect at DG Taiwan 2024

Attendees will experience innovation at its best with the introduction of the “Creator 50 Lab,” a revolutionary platform for emerging creators in IP original characters, illustration design applications, animation, and font creation, both domestically and internationally. DG Taiwan is not just about showcasing creativity; it’s a nurturing ground for burgeoning talents.

DG Taiwan

Another highlight is “DG Select,” a section that delves deep into the authentic needs of brands. Carefully selecting locally designed high-quality brands, this area embodies the essence of inspiration in everyday life, deserving close attention.

Exclusively Show 2024

Who Should Attend DG Taiwan 2024

DG Taiwan caters to a diverse audience – from end customers seeking unique gifts to those facilitating B2B orders on both domestic and international fronts. Whether individuals are passionate about design or involved in merchandising, DG Taiwan opens the door to a world of possibilities.

If you’re interested in exploring sourcing opportunities through DG Taiwan, organized by TAITRA, which has over 60 overseas offices globally, we warmly invite you to reach out or contact Pauline Tu, show manager at the TAITRA Exhibition Department at +886-2-2725-5200 ext. 2679 or via

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