Lesser & Pavey Mugs and Candles

The driving force behind the men’s gift market is the constant desire to find something to buy for a chap, whether it be a birthday present or a treat for Father’s Day, which falls on Sunday June 16 this year. 

Lesser & Pavey is targeting this market with a range of practical and attractive fine china mugs that highlight hobbies and passions, with photographic images by MacNeil of historic cars, planes, motorbikes, trains and more. Each mug is packaged in a decorative gift box. In addition to individual mugs, the range includes a set of four mugs in a deluxe presentation gift box, coasters, placemats and lap trays.

Another introduction is “bigger than ever” diffusers. The company explains: “The bigger the better it would seem now. We tested one litre diffusers at Autumn Fair with a big launch at Spring Fair, and they were truly loved, as shown by the orders we received – and this continues. They not only fragrance the home but have become statement pieces on the home decor front with their tonal colours.”

Offering high quality fragrance and priced to be appealing, “for the chaps – but they may appeal to women too – the fragrances are stronger (as with some aftershaves); more spiced, woody scents come through with Tobacco & Rum, Tuscan Leather, Oud & Bergamot, and Amber & Sandalwood. For the softer scents, we have fresher fragrances with Oud & Sandalwood, Pomegranate & Peony, Rose & Bergamot, and Cocoa & Cashmere”.


Each one features stylish wooden tops, black eco-friendly canes, and attractive packaging with a view panel.

Call: 01322 279 225

Email: sales@leonardo.co.uk

Visit: www.leonardo.co.uk

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