St. Eval Garden Collection

Rooted in the essence of secret gardens and flourishing blooms, St. Eval is delighted to reveal its new collection: Garden Path. 

Crafted to capture the aromas of the outdoors and celebrate the scents of nature, this collection encapsulates three evocative fragrances: delicately sun-kissed wildflowers, zesty fresh citrus fruits, and budding cottage garden blooms, with Walled Garden, Orange Blossom and Sweet Pea.

Each Garden Path is adorned in soft pastel shades which echo the hues of summer and are distinctively unique thanks to their reactive glazes. Created in a family-run factory in Portugal, these pots are a true embodiment of handcrafted quality. Each is imbued with a special touch of entrancing pastel and springtide shades of peony petal pink, subtly sun-kissed yellow, and true evergreen. 

Destined to be repurposed as a future plant potter, a guardian of jewellery, or a home for foraged beach shells and more, St. Eval’s Garden Path pots have a durable charm and lease for new life beyond the candlelight. 


For almost three decades, St. Eval has been dedicated to sustainably crafting candles and home fragrances, placing people and planet at heart. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and its beautiful surroundings of coast and countryside in Cornwall, as a certified B Corp St. Eval pioneers its passion to curate an atmosphere of wellbeing whilst treading softly on the earth.

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