Autumn Fair Launch

Autumn Fair has announced the launch of its new campaign theme – From The Show Floor To Your Shop Window – which promises “a celebration of newness and original products that will bring retail stores to life, putting the spotlight on the allure of the ‘shop window’ and the best of British suppliers”.

Following constructive dialogue with key partners, buyers and loyal brands, Autumn Fair returns from September 1 to September 4 at NEC Birmingham with a renewed focus on independent retailers. 

Recognising the importance of swift transitions from the show floor to the shop window, Autumn Fair will curate a selection of more than 500 suppliers primed to deliver on smaller minimums, establishing the event as a go-to for independents seeking seamless and efficient sourcing. 

“We’ve listened to all the constructive feedback from our community, and we’re excited to bring a new energy and focus to Autumn Fair”

Jackson Szabo, Portfolio Director of Autumn Fair

The exhibition will host the retail market’s bellwether brands in every major sector across Home, Gift, and Fashion, with over 30% of brands exclusive to the show. The September show will also celebrate the best that Britain has to offer, paying homage to British suppliers who are able to fulfil quick turnarounds with new products on small order quantities to cater to the evolving needs of the indies. It has introduced entry-level exhibitor packages and pavilions to satisfy the desire for newness, and enable new businesses with fresh ideas to meet their first customers. 

Delhi Fair 2024

Jackson Szabo, Portfolio Director of Autumn Fair, said: “We’ve listened to all the constructive feedback from our community, and we’re excited to bring a new energy and focus to Autumn Fair. From the show floor to the shop window, every retailer wants to be inspired with original products that they believe will bring their stores to life. Autumn Fair is where buyers come to shop, where products discovered are of such exceptional quality that they deserve a prime spot in shop windows. Independents flock to Autumn Fair to replenish inventory for end of year (peak season), and the buying trend is now little and often. With limited storage capacity and lower cash flow, this buying strategy is necessary to prepare for the increase in end of year sales. Autumn Fair provides the last opportunity in the year for product exploration.

“We will be putting buying at the forefront of everything we do. We will be revamping the way buyers shop the show with improvements to the onsite experience, website, registration and more to help them best prepare and get the most out of the show. We will be creating more trails and buyer experiences to enable them to find the right brands. Indies need to make every second away from the store count. They need to be efficient and effective especially during a busy time of the season, and Autumn Fair will be their trusted resource to shop the brands that can make a difference for them now.”

Samantha Gibbs, owner of Nest, a trio of gift shops in Leicestershire, added:“Autumn Fair is a staple in my buying schedule. It punctuates the season shifts and provides huge opportunities to shop new products that will be available for Autumn/Winter. This guarantees our shop windows are looking as fresh, current and relevant as they can be, and without the Fair it would be far harder to achieve that!”   

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