Temple of Incense

From classic Indian masala, to unique signature scents, Temple of Incense creates fresh and diverse temple-grade incense sticks, resins, oudh and oils for every occasion.

Now, the company’s joint founders – and sisters – Simi and Sam Aydee have brought their knowledge of incense stick artistry and alchemy to the fore with the release of a new scent combination: Bulgarian Rose & Oudh.

Luxurious Arabian oudh and seductively perfumed Bulgarian rose attars (oils), are soaked into halmaddi and woods, and then hand-wrapped around a humble bamboo stick to deliver a lingering, minimum 45-minute burnof rich intensity, with sensual notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, amber and geranium.

Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks, ethically hand-crafted and masterfully created from the best quality oils and resins, sourced locally and from around the world.

Exclusively Show 2024

Revered for centuries, incense sticks are renowned for their therapeutic aromas which can evoke a range of emotions and moods elevating relaxation and spiritual uplift. The Temple of Incense aromatic preparations range from Oriental, floral and woody scents, along with hints of spice and resin, to uplifting original scent combinations.

Whether you’re looking to set a mood, alleviate stress, enjoy exquisite fragrances, or the daily ritual of burning incense, Temple of Incense not only honours the tradition of authentic incense sticks but also offers a range of traditional and contemporary sculptural stick holders and bowls to complement every home décor.

New Bulgarian Rose & Oudh joins a line-up of 11-plus incense sticks with floral notes including Orange Blossom & Lemongrass, Ganesha and Jasmine Blossom.


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