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The My First Black & White Puppets collection is the latest addition to The Puppet Company’s growing Baby collection – and the newest arrival to its My First Puppets range. 

Specifically designed to stimulate the senses, the My First Black & White Puppets are suitable from birth. Newborn babies have limited colour perception so can primarily only see black and white due to their undeveloped eyes. They are naturally drawn to high-contrast monochrome patterns which capture their attention, and aid focus and sensory development for instant engagement.

The beautiful contrasting designs and patterns on the puppets’ tummies help stimulate visual and tracking development. This also helps facilitate crucial social interaction and bonding between carer and baby, bringing an extra dimension to playtime. 

Ideal for children of all ages, the puppets can also be used by adults. Machine washable, they are made of high-quality materials which are tested to the highest possible safety levels, and meet or exceed all current safety standards.

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