Now school is back, children can pick out their new rucksacks, pencil cases and pens to show off in the classroom

Their best-selling Cutiemals range features on a wide range of giftable stationery. On their website you’ll find fluffy notepads with matching plush rucksacks, plus adorable expanding silicone pencil cases with complementary pencils and erasers. And coming soon, there’s a new stationery set featuring a notepad, pencil case, sharpener, pencils, eraser and ruler all in one.

Delhi Fair 2024

As the Cutiemals design covers a wide assortment of animals, children also have the option to mix and match. Try mixing a fluffy clown fish notepad, neoprene octopus rucksack, silicone penguin pencil case and matching pencils to tie it all together. The little tykes can pack themselves off to school with all their favourite animals.

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