Facemask style from Lesser & Pavey

Lesser & Pavey bring to the marketplace face masks that not only offer protection while you go about your daily life, but also a choice of designs that turn this necessity into a fashion accessory.

Face shopping or the outdoor life during Covid-19 with confidence, masked up with style and protection. From pink, black and silver sequins to floral and pastel shades, from pink and green camouflage and butterflies to the colours of the rainbow and plain.

Delhi Fair 2024

Each mask is well designed, made with 100% cotton outer fabric and has a removable PM2.5 filter protects against airborne particles. Each mask comes with three 2.5 filters which provide five layers of safety – two anti-stick non-woven cloth layers block moisture and large particles, two electrostatic filters attract stray particles and the inner carbon filter prevents the transmission of microscopic airborne particles. There is a rubber adjuster on the ear loops for a tailored fit; the masks are made from natural breathable cotton and come in a reusable zip lock storage bag. The face masks are machine washable at 60 degrees celsius as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services.


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