The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) has urged the government to deliver clarity and certainty for independent traders despite the Prime Minister resigning.

Bira commercial director Jeff Moody
Bira commercial director Jeff Moody

Bira commercial director Jeff Moody said: “What small businesses need now more than ever is stability in the government so they can plan for the future. Retailers are now seeing real sales declining, even with much higher prices masking the volume drops previously.

“Consumer confidence is at an all-time low, so Bira is calling for Conservative MPs and members to make a quick and correct decision enabling the government to focus on the urgent needs of the economy.

“Businesses need certainly so they can plan; consumers need confidence to start spending again. Both can be achieved if the government starts to give real clarity now.”

He added: “Quick and proper decisions on reforming business rates, levelling up and tax reform will also help the retail economy plan, survive and prosper, fuelling economic activity.”

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